Shakespeare Blog Post 5

From the perspective of the moon, in a paragraph, describe the current situation on earth as you see it.

Night on earth is nothing but a dark, empty void. A nothingness to the planet, where humans become lost, isolated and lonely. A place where an individual’s own thoughts become lost within the night, where their struggle for answers lay but are yet to be retrieved. This was night on earth before I gifted it with light. Light for them to find their own way, to realise their sociability, and for them to never feel alone again. I, the Moon, gave earth light and definition, and now, these human are limitless in the night.

However, what is this struggle that I sense within this planet? Oh my, what a catastrophe! Why are bonds being broken? Why are hearts turning cold? This is certainly not a picturesque sight. Wait, I sense more. I believe that there is more to learn at this dark time. This struggle… is between families? Deceitful daughters are gaining privilege to their dying father’s land over a daughter that is pure and honest. And she is banished?! How could he disown and exile his only truthful daughter? And what is this over here? A father puts more trust into a illegitimate son rather than the biological one. He too is exiled?! Dark times on earth are nearby, and sorry I feel not for these fathers, but my deepest sympathy’s are sent to those that loved them purely. I can’t help but continue to watch.

Oh the irony! Lear and Gloucester, I believe, have gone to beg for forgiveness? How the tables have turned. Such a wretched sequence of events I’m witnessing. Death and betrayal… this is unforgivable. Earth, please! May I ask that you cast a cloud of sorrow and regret? I can’t allow light to shine upon this country at such a time…


1 thought on “Shakespeare Blog Post 5”

  1. Hey Jonas!
    What a fantastic creative blog! I absolutely agree with how you have painted humanity reacting to the night. But I ask myself so often… why ARE we like this? Why do we not embrace the dark like we embrace the light?

    I also love your connection to King Lear as it made me realise this situation between fathers and daughters is still very much relevant in today’s society. I love how you have played the character of the time so well. Your portrayal is seen through remarks such as “Oh the irony! Lear and Gloucester, I believe, have gone to beg for forgiveness?” strengthen your character and build to the overall creativeness of your blog. The only suggestion I would make is, to sum up your blog with a very clear link between all texts, this would help your readers leave your site with a definite understanding of what you were trying to get across. Awesome blog! keep up the great creative work!


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